Sunday, March 18, 2018

The old things...

Those day yang bila kita text pakai handphone and using credit...
How cool is that ?
So damn cool right ?
You choose who to text since it will cost you.
The time and money invested just to text and call people,
To include them in the plan,
SOX, and so on.
Rushing to the shop nak beli topap sebab nak bergayut or text malam nanti.
Setting the time when both people dah ready.
Eager and patiently wait for them to return your call or text.
Editing the text for ucapan hari raya and send it to multiple people at the same time.
Excited when got free call when it is your birthday.
Feeling lost or hopeless if someone choose not to pick up the phone.
Arguing which plan is better, mine is celcom and your's is maxis.
Debating which plan is cheaper.
Converting to other telco provider since you love someone that much and willingly doing so.
Smiling when replying the text.
Battery dead when on the phone, the stress is real.
Standing or laying down while on the phone.
Always holding the phone eventho there's nothing to read.

Technology is good, ws telegram twitter fb instagram and so on, it's real good.
So convenient to use as it suit our need.
And for that, we exchange the time to cherish our memory's.
We act differently to cope with the nowadays trends.
We didn't return the call as it free using ws call.
We didn't meet that person as we can video call using IM.
We didn't reply although we already read the text.
We don't bother to talk eventho we sitting in front of each other,
Our hand busy scrolling the instagram post as it is much more fun to do rather than talk.
We change. We don't appreciate things like the old time.
We take it for granted because it's free.
All you need is internet.

I missed those time.

Terima Kasih Sebab Sudi Singgah Perpustakaan Sekolah :)

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